The Ocean on the Frontline of Climate Change and Energy Challenge

The Blue Economy Forum III, the third edition of the insightful conference on all things blue, aims to explore the crossroads of the ocean, the climate crisis and the energy challenges along with the UN and the EU endeavors for sustainable livelihoods and the opportunities arising from the ocean. Indeed, the ocean is the main climate regulator and provides us with oxygen, food, energy and many critical resources for our livelihoods and for biodiversity. As the ambitious UN Ocean Decade has started and, in Greece and the Mediterranean, the Blue Economy sector has entered a new era, the Blue Economy Forum III will explore the opportunities emerging from the EU Blue Green Deal and the UN Ocean Decade to provide sustainable solutions and to the most pressing challenges of our times, bringing in high-level policy-makers, the industry, the investment community, civil society and innovation hubs.


Delphi Economic Forum

Delphi Economic Forum is a nonprofit, member driven organization, committed to deliver and promote innovative ideas for sustainable and competitive growth for Europe and the wider Eastern Mediterranean region.

Delphi Economic Forum engages political, economic, business, academic, and other thought leaders in an effort to address emerging challenges, influence the national and regional agendas and promote sustainable and socially responsible growth policies for Europe, the wider Eastern Mediterranean and Greece.

Institute for Sustainable Development of the European Public Law Organization

The Institute for Sustainable Development of the European Public Law Organization (EPLO), an international organization with observer status to UNGA, supports the public and private sectors in building implementation and governance capacity to deliver the UN SDGs and to promote Sustainable Development and the European Green Deal.

Operating as a knowledge hub bringing together expertise across different resources world-wide, the Institute offers training programs, and strategic and policy guidance.

It has worked in the Blue Economy sector, co-hosting the Blue Economy Forum in Greece since 2020 and has established the Blue Platform in its office in Cascais, Portugal. Over the years, it has hosted many conferences and webinars bringing together stakeholders, policy makers and the industry, mainstreaming sustainability and creating a platform for discussion for the Blue Economy, ESG, the SDGs, the EU Green Deal and the Green Transition. It has also been awarded an EU Horizon project on innovation and sustainability.