The Delphi Economic Forum and the EPLO Institute for Sustainable Development are organizing the Blue Economy Forum II, an event that aims to explore the crossroads of the EU Blue Green Deal and the UN endeavors for sustainable livelihoods and the opportunities arising from the ocean.

As stated by the European Commission, “the European Green Deal and the Recovery Plan for Europe will define the European Economy for many years, or even decades. And the EU’s Blue Economy is fundamental to both efforts”. Blue Economy is central to the European Green Deal and indispensable to meet the EU’s environmental and climate objectives. Green and Blue go hand in hand. Indeed, the ocean is the main climate regulator and provides us with oxygen, food, energy and many critical resources for our livelihoods and for biodiversity.

As the ambitious UN Ocean Decade has started and, in Greece and the Mediterranean, the Blue Economy sector has entered a new era, the Blue Economy Forum II will explore the opportunities emerging from the EU Blue Green Deal and the UN Ocean Decade to provide sustainable solutions and to the most pressing challenges of our times.

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